Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dotty Remembers New Year's Eve 2009 -- Is a Miracle About to Happen?

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Yesterday, July 4, we went to a barbecue. 167 people sang Happy Birthday to Dotty. She was very pleased, smiled and said -- Thank You. I was looking forward to how she would react. You never know with someone suffering from Alzheimer's disease. I was very happy to see her reaction.

I was reminded of the two year period when Dotty didn't smile or laugh once -- not a single time. This was before we discovered there was a problem with her thyroid. You can read about that here -- Thyroid and Alzheimer's.

While we were there, Dotty reaches over and opens a big bag of cheese twists (those narly looking big orange things) and starts munching away. I say, Dotty, those are not yours. She tells me yes they are, I brought them. I say, they belong to Rhoda and you have to ask her if its OK. Dotty says, who the hell is Rhoda? I point to Rhoda who is sitting right across from her. Dotty, big mouth working, announces that is not Rhoda. Josephine tells Dotty, yes it is. Everyone laughs.

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