Tuesday, January 29, 2008

She's a one-in-six-billion miracle

clipped from news.aol.com
An Australian teenage girl has become
the world's first known transplant patient to change blood
groups and take on the immune system of her organ donor,
doctors said on Friday, calling her a "one-in-six-billion

'The Holy Grail
Of Transplants'

Demi-Lee Brennan, 15, is the first known transplant recipient to adopt the blood type and the immune system of her organ donor, to the amazement of the medical community and Brennan alike. "It's like my second chance at life," she said. "It's kind of hard to believe."
"It's like my second chance at life," Brennan told local
Brennan's body changed blood group from O negative to O
positive when she became ill while on drugs
Her new liver's blood stem cells then invaded her body's
bone marrow to take over her entire immune system, meaning the
teen no longer needs anti-rejection drugs.
they had no explanation for Brennan's recovery, detailed in the
latest edition of The New England Journal of Medicine.
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